A completely new, innovative sailboat

Hans Spitzauer, world champion and multiple Olympic participant, developed the most innovative boat for lakes and coastal waters in collaboration with designers and yacht designer Juliane Hempel. 

"My aim was to create a boat that could cater to a wide range of activities, including regatta sailing, recreational sailing, solo trips. The boat needed to be user-friendly, while also satisfying the rigorous design and technical standards of a professional sailing boat."

Hans Spitzauer

Sailing world champion

The sailboat for inshore waters

Highest design aesthetics
fast performance 
easy to handle 

Choose your character

The individual world champion boat

Design and construction have been optimally matched, allowing us to offer every sailor the right model.

with ballast sword and motor for shallow waters 

with keel for safe sailing even in strong winds

for sailing extremists who glide over the water with it

All models are delivered with a carbon fiber rig.
A special binner rig has been developed for light wind conditions,
the standard rig can be easily set by hand.

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The large cockpit offers extremely spacious and also serves
as a sun lounger. All sheets are guided below deck.

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The electric flange motor with folding propeller and
Battery assists in slack days and port maneuvering.

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The choice between ballast sword or keel,
allow sailing in almost any body of water.

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A boat for the family

the 3 models of LAGO26

The LAGO26 is available in three different build versions. For the sporty regatta sailor to the family outing. The LAGO26 guarantees unlimited sailing pleasure for every condition. For non-sailors up to regatta professionals.

Expert level

Due to the modern hardware layout and the well-tuned sail concept, the boat is also sailable with a "rookie crew". The noble wooden deck invites you to chill out with friends and family.


Expert level

The perfect family boat. Ideal for swimming, swimming and chilling on the spacious deck. Ambitious sailors can also sail and win regattas with the LAGO26 Keel. This does not always require a crew - single-handed sailing on lakes and offshore waters is also no problem.


Expert level (Pro)

Slimmed down and reinforced with carbon, this racing machine with Code-Zero and the Q-foils specially developed by Hugh Welbourne can easily reach speeds of over 20kn.


Dieter Schneider


When a friend showed me a photo of the Lago26 a few years ago, it was love at first sight. She captivates with her unique sporty-modern design and her generous space on deck. As with any great love, you have to get to know each other better after the first impression, which was a real experience with many sporting successes thanks to the support of Hans Spitzauer and team. Today I can't imagine my life without my Lago26, neither as a family boat nor as a regatta rocket!

Marco Knuchel


Seen, sailed, bought: An aesthetic boat that allows ambitious regatta sailing and at the same time satisfies the various other demands of a family. The Lago is simply beautiful to sail and impresses with its easy handling on land.

Andreas Wieland


My parents had a 20er dinghy cruiser on which I spent my youth. So it was clear to me that I wanted my own sailboat. I went on a search and came across the LAGO 26. A few pictures on the Internet and videos on Youtube viewed and suddenly she was in front of me, at the fair in Friedrichshafen or almost simultaneously one with us live on the lake. The LAGO26 is worlds more ingenious than a dinghy cruiser is.

Due to the great design and the open mirror, it is also ideal for swimming, which I was ultimately able to convince my wife. We are regularly asked by young and old at the lake what a great ship it is.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. A test drive is possible by prior arrangement and appointment.