The dynamic design leaves hardly any sailing wishes unfulfilled. Due to the modern hardware layout and the well-tuned sail concept, the boat is also well sailable with a "rookie crew" and invites you to chill in the cockpit and swim. Equipped with regatta sails, the LAGO 26 is the fastest monohull on Lake Neusiedl (winner of the Blue Ribbon 2014-2021).

Technical details

Length 7.95 meters

Width 2.5 meters

Draft 1.65 / 1.35 meters

Displacement approx. 680 kg.

Ballast sword 150 kg

Sails on the wind:
- Touring: 28.8 sqm
- Regatta: 35.8 sqm

- Gennaker: from 40 sqm
- Code 0: 35 sqm


Ideal for families

Easy to sail

 shallow inland waters 

Expert level0%

Equipped with racing mainsail it is among the fastest
monohulls on all lakes, with touring sails it is suitable for
 for sailing with small crew  or single-handed.

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The electric motor also guarantees 
windless days fun and 
Joy with friends and 

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The ballast sword increases the righting moment
and offers the safety of a keelboat. The LAGO 26
has a draft of only 20 cm when the centerboard is raised
and is therefore easily trailerable.

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The bowsprit is made of carbon
and can from the cockpit
be retracted and extended.

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The LAGO26 can be operated with a crew
can be sailed from 1 to 6 persons.
But the noble wooden deck also invites to the
Rest and chill.

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Sailboat features


Basic Line

Ready to sail. With the One Design LAGO 26 you can start sailing right away. The version is also ready for regattas. This version comes in a cool light gray and a racing deck.

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Comfort Allrounder

The family boat. The comfort version is ideal for sailing with friends and family. This is equipped with electric motor, lighting concept for inside and outside, cool box, spacious berth, touring sail, lazybag and foresail.

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Active Daysailer

The sporty Daysailor. The sport version with square top racing sail is designed for fast sailing. Colors and decking are configured according to individual wishes.

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Individual Luxury

The individual Lago26. In the executive version, the interior and exterior of the boat is completely personalized and individualized. In personal discussions with the world champion, the perfect boat is put together from exclusive colors, materials, accessories, as well as extras made of carbon.

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