We all sit in the
same boat

In short, the Lago26 team is a team of not only passionate, but very experienced and successful sailors who all love sailing!

This distinguishes the team from many other sail yards and brands. The boats are built and constantly developed based on the experience and detailed know-how for the customers. 

The claim to develop perfect products for different users and uses drives the team. As a consequence, only the best partners are ever selected for collaboration. 

The team lives to guarantee the best sailing experience with the Lago26 at all times. 


Hans Spitzauer

Sailing World Champion, Founder & Managing Director
Hans is the creative and also commercial head of Championships Yachting GmbH and testimonial of the LAGO 26. Sales and business development are part of his daily agendas. He also works closely with the engineering and development team to drive the continuous development of the Lago26.

Christian Nehammer

Christian is a long time companion of Hans. They sailed together in the 2008 Olympics and Christian is still a very successful star boat sailor. In his professional career he has now gained 20 years of experience in financial management in various leadership positions. In 2018 he founded his own consulting business with focus on financial management and optimization (www.konsultori.com).

Constantine Kobale

Research, Development & Technical
Konstantin is responsible for technology and development. He coordinates all current and future projects and product developments. In addition, he has his own company, which takes care of the V065 campaign for the next Ocean Race (www.ocean-racing.at).

Moritz Spitzauer

Customer Care & Services
Moritz is the service king in the team. He takes care of customer service and support. Moritz makes sure that all customers are happy with their Lago26 and supports them with all questions and issues around sailing. He also takes care of all test drives and offers various sailing services during the sailing season. In addition, he is an active and passionate sailor in the Olympic Finn class, Star boat and 6m boat class.
Our partners
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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. A test drive is possible by prior arrangement and appointment.